Happy Father's Day!

It’s almost Father’s Day and if you haven’t found something interesting to get, I am here for you!

I have combed various companies and products and found some really cool finds.

There’s still time to show your Dad that you love him. And even if you don’t get something from this list, a phone call will always be appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day!

For the cook and sports lover (it’s not often that you can combine the two, which is only one reason this is a great gift):

The King Pepper Mill by Cole & Mason is a real baseball bat that dispenses fresh ground pepper!

It is 72cm of natural beech wood sourced from sustainable forests and comes with a stainless steel grinding mechanism that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So it’s not only fun but good quality. A great gift!

For the man that likes to take care of his looks:

XTOL Tactical Skin Therapy for Men is a complete line of skin care made especially for men. Some of the key ingredients are: Plant Polypeptides, Vitamin Phosphates, Hyaluronic Acid, Polysynlane and Botanical Extracts.

The kit arrived with 10 products for my fella to try. He scrubs his face clean with only one thing – soap – so it was neat to see him try all of these:

XCEL Foaming Face Cleanser, XPOSE Face & Body Exfoliating Cleanser, XHILERATE Body Cleansing Gel, XACT Face Moisturizer, XTEND Hand & Body Moisture Lotion, XPRESS Wrinkle Defense, XTREME Anti Oxidant Serum, XTRACT Acne Free Serum, XTRA Eye Restoration and XPEL Stimulating Shave Cream

And here’s what he had to say about it:

“Two things impressed me most about the XTOL products. The first was the full range available from anti-oxidants to shaving cream. And I slathered them all on. I swear, I have never spent so much time in front of a mirror in my life. The acne cream was probably the most practical, for me. But my secret guilty pleasure was the anti-wrinkling cream to be applied around your eyes. Oh yeah, the second thing that impressed me?

It was how much Stephanie (Ms. Knack herself) kept saying ‘Your skin is glowing!’ Now, if I could only get her to stop pointing out each and every one of my massing army of grey hairs…”

It was a hit for both of us.

(And by the way, I love his grey hairs coming in. He is so handsome. I can’t wait until his whole head is salt and peppered!)

For the man who likes to smell good:

The idea behind Mustang – The New Fragrance for Men fragrance is it’s meant for a Ford drivin’ man – strong and authentic.

But for me, it doesn’t matter what you drive - wearing Mustang means you smell good.

With a hint of pipe tobacco and cedarwood and notes of amber, fir balsam and patchouli, Mustang evokes a manly, leathery smell that has me swooning.

And for those moments that my guy isn’t wearing it?

I think I’ll splash a little on.

It smells that good.

And the tin is nice too – graphite metal with the iconic Pony logo.

For the man who enjoys a quality drink:

No doubt you know about the incredible quality that goes into every bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, but did you know that it was an independent family-owned distillery? Since 1886!

I had the honour of meeting Sally Gordon Woof, a fifth generation member of the family and Chair of the Family council.

She was funny and warm and not at all what you’d expect from an executive from such a large and distinguished distillery.

She took a small audience of folks through a tasting and it was wonderful to try the 10, 12 and 15 year-old scotches next to one another. You could really get a sense for the fruity or peaty aromas and tastes.

My favourite of all the ones we tried? Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky which is matured in three types of oak cask: sherry, bourbon and new oak. It is then all slung together in a handcrafted vat – in this case, the Solera.

I have long liked a glass a scotch and for me, there is no other than Glenfiddich. I have a feeling your Dad will feel the same.

And just think. You’re not just buying booze. You’re supporting a long-standing family business.

That’s got to count for something.

Stephanie Dickison

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